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Centenary 2013
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Ralph Hedley R.B.A.
was a highly accomplished
woodcarver, illustrator and painter.

His work records life in North-East England
during Victorian and Edwardian times.


Our aim is to trace all of Hedley’s work and to make it accessible online.
Stage one is a database, in giant spreadsheet format, containing the information we have assembled so far on Hedley's painting, drawing, illustration and print

Ralph Hedley: Painting the North East

40 of Ralph Hedley's paintings from the North East's public collections and archives were shown at the Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

16 March to 31 December 2013

For information and data on the pictures in the exhibition, go to the Painting, Drawing & Print database and click on the yellow DETAILS tabs


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If you own a Ralph Hedley picture, print or carving, please help to build the archive by contacting us at info@ralphhedleyarchive.com

All information on the identity and location of private collectors is strictly confidential.