Ralph Hedley R.B.A.
My neighbour

Alternative title
My Neighbour, (Stephen Brownlow)
(Shipley Art Gallery, 1938-39)

oil on board
532 x 422
SIGNED b.l.c. R. Hedley / 92.


Royal Academy, London, 1892 (813)

Loan Exhibition of Works
by Ralph Hedley R.B.A., 
Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, 1938 (34)

Exhibition of Paintings
by Ralph Hedley R.B.A., 
Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead,
1938-9 (64)

Darlington Public Art Gallery,
1939 (54)

Middlesborough Art Gallery,
Dunning Street, 1940 (19)

Ralph Hedley: Tyneside Painter,
Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle, 1990-91



Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead,
Tyne and Wear, England
Reference TWCMS : F12337
Bequeathed by Frank Winter, 1925

Ralph Hedley Archive reference

My neighbour, Stephen Brownlow

Stephen Brownlow was trained as a boot maker by his father in Byker, Newcastle. Like Ralph Hedley, he took evening classes at Newcastle’s Government school of Art.

In the 1880s encouraged by the formation of the Bewick Club, an artists’ exhibiting society, Stephen Brownlow took a studio at 22 New Bridge Street. Hedley had a studio in the same building, and so they were ‘neighbours’.

In the painting, Brownlow squeezes paint from a tube onto his palette. Light floods in through the windows behind, and shows up a landscape painting through the back of the canvas, behind and to the left of the artist.

These two pictures by Stephen Brownlow are in public collections

North Shields by Stephen Brownlow  

North Shields
Stephen Brownlow

oil on canvas
507 x 760 mm

Laing Art Gallery
Reference TCMS : F9131

Early morning, North Shields, by Stephen Brownlow  

Early morning, North Shields
Stephen Brownlow

oil on canvas,
590 x 900 mm

North Tyneside Council
Reference PCF46



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